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  • Achieve Rapid and Dramatic ROI from Innovative Legacy Data Discovery and Parts Reuse

    April 9th, 2014 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, New products & features, Part Reuse, Powered by Exalead, Technology 0

    Part 1/3 of Reveal, Reuse, Reduce Series:  Reveal Existing Parts

    Instead of incurring monetary, quality, and capacity expenses associated with creating new parts, you can leverage intelligent search technology to revitalize product development by maximizing design reuse. A completely integrated search experience, adding similarity, metadata, and semantic-linked documents and related information to shape-search capabilities, will help you quickly access in-context product design information throughout your enterprise. In this series we’ll explore why and how companies can reveal, reuse, and reduce existing parts to save time and money.

    Managing the Complexity of Doing Business

    Business innovation and technology advancements are making R&D departments more sophisticated and global, with teams collaborating around the world. This leads to more complex product engineering and with this complexity comes varied information systems, resulting in more product data that needs to be managed.

    Some of the largest volumes of data are related to product parts. From CAD files and drawings to sourcing information and inventory reports, diverse data is commonly located throughout the enterprise. Companies that are equipped to make rapid, informed decisions about whether a part needed for a product already exists can then determine whether:

    1) based on its associated information, it can be reused, or

    2) it needs to be modified, or

    3) a new part needs to be created or purchased.

    But in order to make this decision, designers and engineers first must determine whether the part exists, a potentially daunting and time-consuming task.

    The Challenges of Locating Part Information

    Extracting the potential value hidden within this mountain of product data requires an efficient and cost-effective means for finding existing design assets to facilitate future product development through design reuse. The challenge lies in locating a single part in a legacy data trove that may contain more than a million files.

    Many technologies, ranging from product lifecycle management (PLM) to 2D/3D database search systems, allow queries of legacy data based on the shape of a part’s geometry—known as shape search. These search systems typically do not communicate between each other, thus requiring clumsy searching of multiple sources.

    Furthermore, today’s manufacturing organizations require more part information than shape in order to support prudent, informed decisions that both maximize design reuse and streamline downstream processes.

    The Limitations of Shape-Only Search

    Search applications based solely on shape have significant shortcomings, which limit their ability to meet the search needs of today’s manufacturing enterprises. Shape search packages typically support geometry searches from within the specific CAD, PLM, or software application, and fail to tap into an organization’s extended data trove of product information.

    Shape-searching by sketching the part in a CAD system can be imprecise and wastes time. Making a sketch accurate enough to identify similar parts often takes almost as much time as designing a new part. This defeats the time-saving advantage of shape searching. And users without a CAD license are unable to access the system.

    Part geometries can be extremely complex with sophisticated algorithms that make for an unwieldy amount of shape information to search. Shape-only search typically processes all of this geometric information mathematically in order to find a similar part. If the shape signature/outline is defined from the beginning as being less exact, the simpler format and size of the data will make the search faster. The advantage is that more similar parts will be found, at which time the decision can be rapidly narrowed down. And the discovery of a larger selection of existing possibilities can lead to further creativity and innovation.

    Searching on shape alone is analogous to performing a Web search using a single word on only part of the Internet. Because of the narrow set of programs searched, the results will be incomplete and may not necessarily meet the need or satisfy other important usability criteria.

    Most importantly, software applications that search only on shape are limited in scope, packaged for use solely by designers and engineers, and cannot support the search needs of other personnel and/or departments that require ready access to this vital information.

    Informed Decisions Demand an Integrated Search Experience

    What’s really needed is a tool that finds and gathers all existing part-related information—adding similarity, metadata, and semantic-linked documents and related information to shape-search capabilities—through an integrated search experience that mirrors the manner in which popular Internet search engines and user-friendly ecommerce applications operate.

    Revealing Information with EXALEAD OnePart

    The EXALEAD OnePart search solution addresses the limitations of other available parts search technologies by extending search capabilities to include multiple types and sources of information—including 2D, 3D, and non-geometric forms of data—and by refining the search experience to make part searches fast and easy.

    Locating a part by its geometric shape is only one step in the process of gathering the information required to determine whether a part is usable or not. OnePart ushers in a new part search paradigm by combining standard search capabilities based on the 3D shape of a part, with natural language text, 2D drawings, existing part metadata, component metadata, normalized metadata, calculated metadata, and semantically linked documents and information. This experience provides you with the deepest penetration into your enterprise-wide legacy data, so you can uncover the potential treasure hidden within it.




    In Part 2, Reuse, we’ll explore the cost of creating new parts, the value of reusing existing parts, and who can benefit.

    Till then, watch the video below to see EXALEAD OnePart in action:

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction with a Customer Engagement Application

    April 3rd, 2014 by Marketing & Co. Customer Relationship Management, Interviews & Commentaries 0

    In order to stay competitive, companies in all industries are eager to engage customers via personalized service.  A 360-degree view of the customer is critical for contact center and frontline sales agents.  Whether they need to answer questions or make sales propositions, the more information they have, and the better they’re able to access it, the faster and more effectively they’re able to serve their customers and prospects.

    This information is often stored in many different locations and formats around the company.  A rapid solution for managing multi-source Big Data is essential for real-time intelligent discovery and analytics.  Powered by CloudView, EXALEAD OneCall complements existing CRM systems.  With Web-friendly usability, training time is lowered and agent turnover improves.  At the same time, OneCall increases first-call resolution rates while decreasing call length to boost agent productivity.  Clearly, these efficiencies all lead to increased customer loyalty and, thus, retention and sales.

    When French complementary insurance provider Eovi Mcd mutuelle wanted to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of its customer service agents interacting with members and prospects via telephone, it called upon EXALEAD OneCall.  In this case study, you’ll learn why Eovi Mcd mutuelle chose OneCall and how the solution will help achieve its business growth objectives.

  • SEEK – Job Ad Website Promotes CloudView

    November 25th, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Interviews & Commentaries, News, Powered by Exalead 0

    SEEK, the Melbourne-based job ad website, was featured last week on the Computerworld blog.  Michael Ilczynski, managing director of product development and strategy, explains how the company replaced its existing search technology with CloudView to enhance the user experience. 

    Learn more about how SEEK is adapting its technology to a highly-competitive marketplace:!

  • From Big Data to performance…

    July 19th, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Interviews & Commentaries, Technology 0

    Xavier Gréhant, Product Manager, Dassault Systèmes Exalead, recently responded to an interview conducted after Big Data Paris Congress  which took place in April 2013 and whose third edition will be held next April 1st & 2nd.

    First question was:

    How can “big data” result in performance for our businesses? Given our ability to produce value in the practice of our jobs, how can data from available sources help us act with better results ?

    “Big” or not, “data” does not possess intelligence, neither do the programs that process it, so if we face situations entirely new every day we should not be expecting direct solutions to our problems. The best help we can expect is enhancing our knowledge of the objects we act upon, and receiving performance indicators to know how well we act upon them and learn…

    Discover the entire article

  • Vine clip: Evolution of EXALEAD :-)

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  • EXALEAD OneCall was @ Salesforce PARIS

    June 4th, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Customer Relationship Management, Events, New products & features, News 0

    The Paris stop on this worldwide roadshow by the leader in CRM is the Number 1 IT event in France.  Preceding the famous Salon de la Relation Client, the event hosted 3,000 people last week:  numerous customers (SMBs, CAC 40) and our partner ecosystem (Capgemini, IBM, Accenture…).

    The EXALEAD OneCall team, led by Benoit Bourdé and Bertrand Martel, attended plenary sessions in the morning, gaining market insights into customer service trends and new tools and channels to respond to challenges faced by contact center and frontline sales agents, no matter the industry.

    Direct from Salesforce Tour PARIS:

    Nicolas Moreau, PDG of AXA France:
    “The cost of customer conversion should be measured.”

    Patrick Pelata, Executive VP of Salesforce, responsible for the auto industry (previously of Renault):
    “The experience revolution in the auto industry has arrived.”

    Patrick Hoffstetter, Director of the “Digital Factory” at Renault:
    “It’s necessary to move from top-down to one-on-one customer communication.”
    “Digital will bring a new energy to Renault:  the connected car and a direct relationship between the customer and the manufacturer.”
    “All  customer touchpoints should be seamless.”

    In the afternoon, we met with customers and partners (CSC, Prosodie Capgemini, Accenture, SFR, ST Groupe, B&D…) motivated by OneCall demonstrations presented by the team and by the potential of the solution.

    Our OneCall positioning was solidified by the testimonials and experiences gained throughout this event.  We’re positioning ourselves as the link between the cloud and physical enterprise data to enable smooth customer interaction and to bring a breath of fresh air to customer service and agents.

    “EXALEAD OneCall brings all the digital assets available to the frontlines:  the head on the cloud and the feet on the ground!”
    Benoit Bourdé

  • Customer Interaction Breakfast Meeting, April 25th, London

    April 3rd, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Events, New products & features, Technology 0

    Many companies in Telecom, Financial services, Energy, Healthcare or event Automotive or Retail…are desperately seeking for a real Customer Interaction Solution in order to improve Customer Services Efficiency… and so Customer Satisfaction… and so Customer Engagement…

    It’s a real data challenge! EXALEAD is offering EXALEAD OneCall that is the answer to overcome this challenge, being purposefully designed for busy contact center or shops agents and managers who operate directly on the “frontlines” interface between a company and its customers.

    The second Seminar dedicated to OneCall will take place in London, April 25th.

    In partnership with Ian Munro, Managing Director,

    We will:
    -Show EXALEAD OneCall solution functionalities: demonstrate how OneCall is answering customers pains and give breakthrough solutions
    -Demonstrate the value of the solution and a real ROI
    -Show key differentiating factors and how we can improve with a non-intrusive new technology their performance

    08:00 – 08:20 WELCOME AND BREAKFAST

    Ian MUNRO, Managing Director, Acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading independent operational contact centre specialists. Ian has over 20 years experience of helping blue chip organisations transform existing contact centres while delivering improved performance, service delivery and reduced costs.
    Laura HAWES, Managing Director, Orion Business Solutions. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Laura has held senior HR, Operational and Customer Service Executive positions across three industries working for British Airways, Securicor and Fidelity Investments; holding Board Level positions in the latter two.
    09:00 – 09:45 EXALEAD ONECALL – A REAL CONTACT CENTRE BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTIONDiscover how transforming big data customer interactions equals profi table business growth
    . George VOUTES, Brand User Experience & Offer Portfolio VP, DS EXALEAD. Previously, Product Management Director at GTECH Technologies, George has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and engineering across many industries, and in both large and start-up sized companies. He learned his Master of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology – U.S.A.
    09:45 – 10:00 Q & A SESSION

    Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street,  London EC2N 1HN

     The next Seminar will take place in Milano, in May… stay tuned…

  • First 2013 Customer Interaction Event… but not the last one

    March 4th, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Customer Relationship Management, Events, News, Showrooms & Conferences 0

    We are proud that Dassault Systèmes will participate for the first time on the Customer Interaction Event near Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands:

    Customer interaction Fair 2013, March 12, Expo Haarlemmermeer

    This event is targeted at decision makers in the customer interaction space, i.e contact center managers, service managers and associated people.

    We will demonstrate the newly launched EXALEAD OneCall customer contact application based on EXALEAD Cloudview. OneCall has a unique way of supporting the conversation between an agent and a customer by providing a true 360 degree view of the customer. This view may consist of data from any source – inside or outside the firewalls, structured or unstructured. With OneCall, our customers can truly drive their average cost per contact down whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction!

    Join us!

  • EXALEAD takes part in the European Data Forum 2013

    January 30th, 2013 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Events, News, Showrooms & Conferences 0

    The European Data forum 2013 (EDF 2013) is, for the second consecutive year, THE annual meeting place for industry, researchers, policy makers, and community initiatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of (Big) Data in Europe.

    The EDF series is a joint activity of the EC FP7 projects BIG, LOD2, PlanetData, and TELEIOS, and is supported by the European Commission. As a stakeholder of the LOD2 program , it’s naturally that EXALEAD Dassault Systèmes takes part in this event.

    The next edition of the EDF will be held in Dublin, Ireland on April 9-10, 2013.

    Since Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani recently launched the European Entrepreneurship Action Plan, access to Open Data and Big Data has been designated as a must, stating that “investing in digital technologies is no longer a choice.” After the commitments of EC commissioner Neelie Kroess (for example, with Open Data) and others, this is again a clear “Go” signal for the European Data Economy.

    Supported by the European Commission, the EDF will consist of presentations and networking sessions by industry leaders, academics, policy makers, and community organisers on a diverse range of topics, including research and technology development, training and knowledge transfer, and commercialization. The presentations will vary in format and focus depending on the main expected audience and their contributors. They will be reviewed by the Organization Committee of the European Data Forum according to their relevance to the scope and purpose of the event and the specific topics we foresee to target, which are listed in the following:

    Is the European economy ready for Big Data? From novel innovation and business models for open and Linked Data, to platforms and marketplaces, policies. What are specifically European challenges and opportunities in this space?
    Are we reaching out to relevant stakeholders? Application scenarios and specific technical and non-technical requirements of Big Data providers and consumers in sectors such as Smart Cities, Environmental Research, Geo-Spatial Information, eScience, social media, etc.
    What does Europe provide in terms of innovative Business Intelligence solutions? SMEs and other technology providers offering tools to make use of Big Data, taking into account issues such as heterogeneity, quality, reliability, etc. and what is or should be its competitive advantage in this domain


    Further Information about the European Data Forum:
    Where: Croke Park Conference Centre, in Dublin, Ireland
    When: April 9 to 10, 2013
    More information:
    Registration (EDF2013 is free of charge):
    Twitter:, Hashtag: #EDF2013
    Press Area:

  • Unique agility, usability and performance: discover EXALEAD CloudView V6R2013X

    December 11th, 2012 by Marketing & Co. Big Data, Business Intelligence, New products & features, News, Products, Releases, Technology 0

    EXALEAD Dassault Systèmes presents : CloudView V6R2013X.

    EXALEAD CloudView V6R2013X combines web-scale semantic technologies, rapid drag-and-drop application development and hybrid quantitative/qualitative analytics to deliver a consumer-style information experience to mission-critical business processes.

    With this version of EXALEAD CloudView, enterprise IT organizations now meet demands for real-time, in-context, accurately-delivered information, accessed from diverse web and enterprise big data sources, yet delivered faster and with less cost than with traditional application architectures.

    Learn more about its user & organization benefits, architecture, connectivity, semantic factory…

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