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  • The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2012: the EXALEAD experience

    November 27th, 2012 by Market'&Co Big Data, Events, Technology 0

    The EXALEAD team was really pleased to participate to this rewarding two-days Forum because it was a good opportunity to introduce its solutions, its technology and its research.

    Indeed, the Agora was the focal point of this event and without any doubt the perfect place to exchange with many partners and customers.

    In addition to hands-on workshops, demo-driven lectures and networking opportunities, two cross industry sessions stirred up public interest: first, there was big interest in Big Data with a full house attending the session on extracting product-in-life intelligence from machine data, led on Tuesday, November 20th by Laura Wilber. There was also a full cross-industry spectrum of attendees on hand for the second EXALEAD seminar on the topic: “Reduce, Reuse et Recycle: Leverage Your Actionable Digital Legacy,” led on November 21 by Olivier Astier.

    The customers and partners showed a great interest in EXALEAD technology, from helping them solve a continuously painful and universal need for a basic search & discovery solution for product & product-related data to pushing new frontiers for data discovery & data mining (predictive analytics) in the Big Data domain.

  • The innovation at the heart of Europe: 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM @Brussels

    November 19th, 2012 by Market'&Co Big Data, Events, Technology 0

    This year, Dassault Systèmes opens up a whole new world: The “European Customer Forum Europe” (ECF) becomes the “3DEXPERIENCE Forum Europe” and settles in the heart of Europe: Brussels.

    The 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM EUROPE 2012 will be hold on November 20 and 21 in the  Square Meeting Centre in the belgium’s capital city. The greatest European event of Dassault Systèmes is aimed at showing the solutions made available to companies, Research, Education and the whole Society to provide them all conditions for a sustainable innovation.

    Major component of the Dassault Systèmes’ new 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, EXALEAD is unsurprisingly involved in Brussels, in the Agora where you could meet its teams, and through two cross industries sessions:

    “Big Data & Innovation: Product-in-Life Intelligence from Machine Data” – livened up by Laura Wilber, Solutions Analyst at EXALEAD – tuesday, November 20th at 6 PM

    “Reduce, Reuse et Recycle: Leveraging Your Actionable Digital Legacy to Improve Resource Efficiency” – animated par Morgan Zimmermann, VP Sales Worldwide – wednesday, November 21st at 2:30 PM

    During these two days, The Agora will act as a focal point to meet experts, customers, analysts and of course the partners and sponsors of the event: Microsoft, IBM, Capgemini and Keonys. Discover all the partners present at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum Europe.

    Last year, nearly 1500 people attended the ECF 2011 at Disneyland Resort Paris. Discover the full agenda of the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM 2012 and build your own planning.

  • EXALEAD Holds Transportation & Mobility Event in Detroit

    July 20th, 2012 by Market'&Co Events 0

    On June 28, 2012, Dassault Systemes held a seminar for the Automotive community at  the Birmingham Athletic Club in Bloomfield, MI. Top car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers attended this interactive seminar to learn about Dassault Systemes – Exalead’s  four new search based technologies geared towards the automotive community.

    We had presentations from Paul Kennedy, the plant manager at Faurecia who explained the use of Dassault Systemes – Exalead to build a worldwide collaborative tool to improve time to market and efficiency for developing products for over 84,000 employees across 270 sites saving those millions of dollars each year.

    Paul Silver, the global marketing manager for Transportation and Mobility covered how to accelerate innovation in automotive and transportation by staying safe, smart and connected.

    Morgan Zimmerman, global vice president elaborated the meaning of search based applications and  demonstrated a success story where  customer satisfaction and loyalty was achieved through social listening and addressing warranty issues for a top auto maker.

    Eric Brayton, technical director, presented the solution to accelerate product design cycles by finding and re-using proven designs and documents, thus reducing inventory redundancies and increasing the bottom line. He also discussed how large auto manufacturers can ease maintenance and repair operations by using part catalog consolidation, choice part ordering and triggering low inventory alerts to keep the repair process quick and efficient.

    The seminar concluded with many interesting conversation around customization of these solutions to meet the requirements of the customer and other possible areas that search based applications can help retrieve and analyze information from data silos.

  • Executive Seminar for Transportation Industry June 28 – Bloomfield Hills, MI

    June 12th, 2012 by Market'&Co Events, News, Powered by Exalead, Showrooms & Conferences 0

    On June 28, 2012, Dassault Systèmes will host an executive seminar for Transportation Industry at the prestigious Birmingham Athetic Club, 4033 West Maple Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI between 8AM – 1PM followed by a complimentary lunch and networking session.

    Dassault Systèmes – EXALEAD will introduce four new technology solutions to increase your competitive advantage: Automotive R&D, Inventory, Warranty, and Customer Loyalty.

    You can gain exclusive insights from strategic Automotive industry leaders like Faurecia, GEFCO and Peugeot showcasing ‘real-world’ examples that leverage advanced information search and semantic technology.

    Learn how you can improve business performance by:
    • Increasing part, design and engineering IP reuse by finding and tracing proven designs and reducing inventory redundancy resulting in improved product quality
    • Building customer loyalty and new prospects through the social listening and collaborative intelligence solution around internal, external, structured, unstructured & complex language data
    • Improving global spares and parts inventory performance management across the manufacturing repair and operations chain
    • Enhance identification, correction and prevention of defects and warranty claims on all post vehicle sales

    Featured Executive Speakers:
    Paul Kennedy, Plant Support Manager, Faurecia
    Morgan Zimmerman, Global VP, Dassault Systèmes – EXALEAD
    Eric Brayton, Technical Director, Dassault Systèmes – EXALEAD

    Have lunch on us while enjoying unique opportunities to network with your industry peers and optionally join in roundtable discussions. Receive strategic resources on how to use web 2.0 technology in your enterprise to simplify complex processes and minimize risk in your business operations.

    We look forward to welcoming you on June 28th!

    >> Registration

    Our event details on Linkedin

  • Discover how to overcome CRM limits (Italian Webinar)

    May 30th, 2012 by Market'&Co Events, Technology, Webinar 0

    Exalead Webinar
    Join Vincenzo Genchi, Key Account Manager for EXALEAD, the 14th of June for an Italian Webinar and discover the recently released ii for Frontlines application.

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  • Join us for the 119th Annual Conference & Exposition!

    May 29th, 2012 by Market'&Co Events, Kudos, News, Products 0

    The ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition is the only conference dedicated to all engineering education disciplines. This event’s goal is to foster the exchange of ideas, enhance teaching methods and curriculum, and provide prime networking opportunities for engineering and technology education stakeholders.
    It will take place from June 10th to 13th at the Convention Center of San Antonio, Texas (USA).

    For this 119th annual Conference & Exposition, EXALEAD will be on Dassault Systèmes’ booth and will demonstrate EXALEAD CloudView’s new features, like the indexing of SOLIDWORKS 3D Models.

    In addition to various award receptions and banquets, the complimentary “Meet the Board Forum” will be the opportunity for all registrants to meet members of the ASEE Board of Directors and discuss current issues in engineering and technology.

    Don’t miss this event, join us at ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition!
    >> Learn more

    Practical information:
    2012 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition – American Society For Engineering Education
    From June 10th to 13th
    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

    200 E. Market Street
    San Antonio, TX 78205

  • Interview with Jean-Marc Lazard: the OpenDataWare project

    May 21st, 2012 by Market'&Co Interviews & Commentaries, News, Technology 0

    Following previous posts in which we introduced Yakwala and D-Data Santé, today we’re taking a look at the third Dataconnexions project that chose to partner with EXALEAD and use the EXALEAD CloudView platform: OpenDataWare.

    • Please tell us a little about yourself and your team.

    My name is Jean-Marc Lazard, and I’m the founder of OpenDataSoft, which offers a turnkey solution for quickly creating open data portals and intelligent data access services. Our platform is designed to allow our clients, companies, or communities to dive right into the big data and cloud computing era. This is possible due to our experience with the issues of processing and exploiting data on a large scale, specifically on the web.

    • Tell us about your project.

    Our project is called OpenDataWare. OpenDataWare will be the social data platform that will allow organizations, journalists, individuals — basically anyone — to easily create their own space where they can display and share data.

    • Where did you get the idea for OpenDataWare?

    The idea for OpenDataWare was the result of three observations:
    1/ Today, everything exists in the form of data; it never even occurs to us anymore whether or not some piece of content or information is available in digital form: that’s our definition of big data
    2/ The Internet has given us the technical means to easily connect content and people, and has given rise to new practices, like social networks and cloud storage
    3/ There is no social platform in the cloud that is dedicated to data, that allows you to create and use data in a participative way within a special-interest community; the only options are using online storage services or sharing services for files (like spreadsheets).
    But OpenDataWare goes beyond these limitations and lets people create and manage their own spaces for publishing and sharing data.

    • How do you plan to deliver this new service to the public and other users?

    Users will be able to create their own spaces on OpenDataWare and load their own data into them, whether the data comes from files on their computers, a database, or a software product.
    OpenDataWare will offer different online services:
    – data enrichment (adding geographic coordinates taken from a list of addresses, adding links to Wikipedia from proper nouns, etc.)
    – expanding on data (renaming column headers, adding comments, suggesting translations, etc.)
    – making data access more intuitive (search engine for data, map navigation, etc.)
    – and, last but not least, sharing data publicly or within closed communities (data that can be downloaded in reusable formats like CSV, XML or JSON; ability to access data dynamically via APIs, etc.).
    So our online service would be attractive for:
    – small groups of people who need a quick and easy way to share data online without requiring any specific technical skills (homeowners’ associations, nonprofits, professional organizations, small communities, SMEs, etc.) – or the largest of organizations that want to break free from the application silos to which their data is confined, and finally be able to get added value in return for their investments in their backend systems.
    OpenDataWare is firmly founded on cloud principles, both technologically and economically speaking.

    • Why Dataconnexions?

    From an open data point of view, Dataconnexions was able to gather a significant number of players from very different worlds: startups, major companies in services and industry, researchers, government, education… This is an indicator of the importance of data sharing in creating new economic models: it’s no longer possible for anyone, whether a company or a public entity, not to have access to all of the data necessary for them to offer new services.
    Sharing our vision and our solutions with the Dataconnexions community seemed like the obvious choice.

    • Have you already integrated the EXALEAD CloudView platform into your OpenDataSoft solution?

    What have been the main advantages?
Because I have five years of experience creating and running Labs projects at EXALEAD, I had a very good idea of what EXALEAD CloudView could do for us in a big data context. Along with other big data technologies (specifically MongoDB and Hadoop), the OpenDataSoft platform exploits the rapid indexing abilities and robustness of EXALEAD CloudView when it comes to large volumes of data. The typical example would be a data stream (several million pieces of data per day) acquired through a network of linked objects, that needs to be assembled in near real time in map interfaces, with a response time that is consistent with what the public expects from the web, and at an acceptable cost.

    • At what stage are you in your project?

    OpenDataWare is in production and is being used by a limited number of alpha testers. Within a few weeks, we are expecting to send out invitations so more users can join, and then we plan to open the platform to the public in the second quarter of 2012.
    We are, of course, open to proposals from any organization that might want to work with us on the development of OpenDataWare during this phase. (

    • What’s it like working with Exalead teams?

    We are, I think, the first team to use the latest version of EXALEAD CloudView, V6, in production. So we are in very close contact with the EXALEAD development teams, who are interested in our feedback. Plus, that means we are among the first to benefit from improvements to the product.

  • Interview with Benjamin Rivalland of D-Data Santé

    May 16th, 2012 by Market'&Co Interviews & Commentaries, News, Technology 0

    This article is part of our series on the Dataconnexions candidates who chose Exalead to partner with them on their projects.

    Today the spotlight is on Benjamin Rivalland, project manager and developer, who is one of the two founders of the D-Data Santé project, the citizens’ public health guide.

    Alex Lepriol                                                                                       Benjamin Rivalland

    • Please tell us a little about yourself and your team.
    The members of the team we put together for the D-Data Santé project have a wide range of skills and were recruited through the Décision Publique consulting company and its partners. Because of the make-up of our team, we’re well equipped to carry out software development, establish relationships with sources of public health and social data, create a visual identity, and devise a sustainable business model built around the re-use of public data.

    • Tell us about your project.
    D-Data santé is positioning itself as the Guide that aggregates and geolocates all public health services in order to inform the general public of services that are available and aid in decision-making. On a single site, D-Data Santé offers previously unpublished health sector information that will help people make healthcare decisions based on current official data:

    • A healthcare GPS feature in the form of interactive mapped directories to help people locate healthcare services, professionals, or organizations. Soon they will also be able to search for healthcare options by specific medical problem.
    • A customizable “health quality” dashboard displaying demographic and environmental indicators and public health alerts (flu epidemic, presence of allergens, etc.).
For the first time, the public will have a platform where they can exchange information about their preferred providers and their opinions about healthcare services (the reception received, waiting time, follow-up, etc.). In addition, they will have access to verified information related to topics they specify.
    • Contextualized comparison of healthcare services by city, administrative department, or region.
    • Secure personal space where users can manage and store their “healthcare favorites.”


    The D-Data Santé project also has the following objectives:

    • To support the public at a time when individuals are increasingly involved in decisions regarding their own health or illnesses. Approximately 10% of French citizens consult a health-related site several times a week.
    • To help the next generation of doctors and communities deal with the changing medical demography, and to address the unequal distribution of healthcare professionals in the country.
    • To contribute to improved healthcare and cost control throughout the healthcare process by offering a service that clarifies the specific areas of expertise of different healthcare professionals and helps users distinguish among the different levels of medical services.


    • Where did you get the idea for D-Data Santé?
    In the course of our work as consultants to healthcare professionals and communities, we saw that healthcare services in France lacked visibility. To make the best use of our diagnostics, we had already created a mapping feature for all healthcare professionals in the country using information drawn from a variety of data sources (yellow pages,, etc.). But the data had to be regularly corrected to reflect changes. That’s when we got the idea to create a service for the public that provided up-to-date and comprehensive information on healthcare throughout the country.

    • How do you plan to deliver this new service to the public and other users?
    We’ll have a dedicated website complemented by mobile applications. Communities will have a module designed specifically for their use, which they can integrate into their existing websites. Institutional users will be able to add their own data sets in order to cross-reference them with the public data used by our platform.

    • Why Dataconnexions?
    Our team saw Dataconnexions as a real opportunity. By this I mean that there is a strong trend towards re-using public data. We wanted to embrace this trend and be part of it. Dataconnexions is a good way to meet those who produce and use open data and open access data, which we need in order to proceed with our project.

    • Why did you choose Exalead ?
    A project like ours needs a reliable and powerful search engine. We plan to aggregate a great deal of data from a variety of sources. Since our very first exchanges with Eric Cervantes during Dataconnexions, we saw the potential for bringing more credibility to our project and taking it as far as we had hoped we could.

    • What’s it like working with Exalead teams?
    Exalead is providing step-by-step support as we work with CloudView.  I also attended a training session during which expert consultants gave us guidance with regard to data indexing.

    • So what’s next?
    Next we’re going to focus on further developing our network of institutions that produce and re-use public health and social data in order to ensure a continuous flow of reliable and current data. And we still have one remaining development phase to complete before we can make our module available to local communities.

    Want to know more about this project? Watch the video introduction to D-Data Santé and keep track of the project’s progress on these social networks:

    Twitter: @ddatasante (!/ddatasante)

    Facebook: /ddatasante (

  • introduces EXALEAD CloudView advanced search

    May 14th, 2012 by Market'&Co Press releases, Technology 0

    In an article published last Thursday on its website, introduces some of EXALEAD CloudView advanced search features.

    EXALEAD CloudView brings the agility, usability and performance that are necessary to address broad audience’s needs.

    Natural language querying, full-text search, fuzzy matching… a wide set of innovative capabilities allows to provide its visitors with always-relevant results.

    Want to know more about how boosts its website with EXALEAD? Discover a few tips on how to make the most out of our technology.

    >> Read the article in French

  • Interview with Julien Le Bot, co-founder and president of Yakwala

    May 7th, 2012 by Market'&Co Interviews & Commentaries, Technology 0

    A new way to manage Open Data, a new government project (Etalab), and new uses and practices centering on SoLoMo… A thriving ecosystem is springing up around local and hyperlocal information! The days of going online to find information about the business downstairs are past. Geolocation is a key ingredient in SoLoMo projects, and a major asset to this rising ecosystem: each project is not only its own publishing platform, but also a vector for transmitting information.

    Yakwala, the brand-new platform for hyperlocal information and interaction, understands this very well, and is about to burst onto the scene! Chosen by Exalead during Etalab’s Dataconnexions start-up competition, Yakwala is in the spotlight this week. A casual interview with Julien Le Bot, co-founder and president of Yakwala:


    • Please tell us a little about yourself and your team.

    Yakwala is the product of a perfect storm: the hyperlocal market needs to be better defined, local information needs to be more visible, and the release of public data in France provides an opportunity for those who wish to offer new services to local stakeholders. We have a great team, and we’re about to release the beta version of Yakwala. Everybody’s contributed the skills and knowledge we need to create a tool that improves information sharing on what we call a “hyperlocal” scale.  Yakwala came to be when a journalist got together with some web experts.

    • Tell us about your project.

    The project is built around the hyperlocal concept: unlike classic local information, which is delivered to the user based on geography, with Yakwala, the user is the starting point. Whether users are at home or on the road, in the city or out in the country, Yakwala tries to deliver them relevant local information. The information provided is based on where users are at a given moment, when they perform their search, and their preferences.

    • How do you plan to accomplish this?

    Yakwala offers a tool that aggregates data that is currently scattered, and delivers hyperlocal information in map or timeline format (as on social networks). To achieve this, Yakwala is working on implementing information services for the general public while, at the same time, providing a platform that will drive clients to local businesses and services. So Yakwala is both a tool that provides a public service, and a tool to assist local players (businesses, government bodies, merchants, etc).

    • Why Dataconnexions?

    This competition came along at the perfect moment for Yakwala: creating the web version of Yakwala allowed us to work on the information ecosystem, the display format, and the user experience. As we speak, users can already publish content, read aggregated data, leave comments and share the information on social networks.
Now we have to optimize the performance of the platform, as well as develop more services and add more information so that our users will be motivated to adopt our tools.
In this regard, the release of public data is an incredible opportunity that will allow us to provide more substantial information, even in real time, if possible. Is there a medical clinic open when I need it? Is the public pool crowded right now? What kinds of scores did students in my area get on the high school exit exam?

    • Why did you choose Exalead? What’s it like working with Exalead teams?

    From the beginning, Exalead was involved in the community that grew up around Dataconnexions. That’s why we were able to communicate our needs and our approach to processing data and to putting hyperlocal information to good use. Very early on we could see that a number of the tools offered by Exalead were a good fit for the work we were doing. So we decided to take advantage of this opportunity – because Exalead is a partner in the competition – to enhance what we were offering. And it’s going really well because, every step of the way, the Exalead teams have provided the support we need to get us past every technological milestone we’ve faced in implementing CloudView.

    • So what’s next?

    For Yakwala, the next step will of course be the beta testing so we can get more feedback from the community of users who are interested in our product. Then, of course, getting our solution to market and launching the service in pilot regions (in France or internationally), but also continued improvement of our services (to individuals and professionals).

    Want to know more about this young startup? Watch the video interview with Julien le Bot created by FrenchWeb, and the demo video of the platform!

    The Yakwala team:

    Equipe Yakwala

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